Artist's Statement

Choose Life I paint the things that are most important to me says artist Tamara Keiper: the value, privilege, and honor of motherhood; the preciousness of life; and the nurturing and training of children to become responsible caring adults.

Next GenerationI believe that each individual with his unique set of characteristics is created for a purpose. The purpose could be to mother a future great leader or to make a discovery or invention of their own. Ordinary people placed in other’s lives can inspire them to become extraordinary. Our particular DNA and outside influences lead us down paths that are unique only to us. Each person on Earth is composed of the very same elements, yet we are each such unique individuals – even in the same family.

When I paint portraits I am amazed at the reflection Superintendent of Schoolsof life in a person’s face. Each one has two eyes, a nose and a mouth, but by ever-so-slightly altering the spacing, size, color or shape, a completely different face will emerge. I look for the beauty in things, the possibilities for a better way, and take note of how the shedding of light from a different direction can completely change the way someone looks at it.


Winning the national gold medal in the Scholastics Art Awards encouraged an already artistic teen to pursue art. She studied fervently on her own as a youth and then later under illustrators: Art Alveraz (Disney), Michael Cacy, CF Payne, and fine artists such as Daniel Green, Bob Gerbracht, Stanley Goldstein, Robert Wade, Rose Eden, and Peggy Kroll Roberts, just to name a few.

Working with the fast drying mediums such as airbrush, pastels, watercolors, and acrylics allows Keiper great expression and spontaneity. She applies a reservoir of knowledge with multiple techniques and planning strategies to her studio paintings. She recently added oils to her repertoire of the mediums she uses. Keiper is presently working on a one-man exhibit called “National Treasures”, while taking commissions for other works. For fun and a break from her studio work she likes to paint plein air landscapes with her artist friends. She also loves spending time in the pool, hiking, biking, at the coast, camping and just being with her grand kids and family.